Sixth graders are enhancing their understanding of comparative adjectives in a fun and interactive way using Wordwall games.

This week, our enthusiastic sixth graders have been diving into the world of comparative adjectives by participating in engaging and educational games on Wordwall. These activities are designed to reinforce their knowledge and application of comparative adjectives in a playful yet effective manner.

Through these interactive games, students are developing key language skills, including:

  • Grammar proficiency: Understanding the rules of forming comparative adjectives.
  • Reading comprehension: Recognizing and applying comparative adjectives in context.
  • Critical thinking: Identifying and comparing different adjectives.

The main concepts covered in these activities include:

  • Formation of Comparative Adjectives: Learning the different rules for forming comparative adjectives based on the number of syllables and word endings.
  • Usage in Sentences: Practicing how to correctly use comparative adjectives in sentences.
  • Examples and Practice: Engaging with various examples and exercises to solidify understanding.

Students participated in a variety of Wordwall games that included:

  • Matching Activities: Pairing adjectives with their comparative forms.
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises: Completing sentences with the correct comparative adjective.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Testing their knowledge in a fun, competitive format.

The results have been outstanding! Sixth graders are not only having fun but are also showing significant improvement in their grasp of comparative adjectives. Kids have increased their confidence in their ability to use comparative adjectives correctly, both in writing and speaking.

I am thrilled to see sixth graders learning and growing through such innovative methods. The use of Wordwall games has proven to be a highly effective tool in making grammar lessons enjoyable and memorable.

Estefanía Freire
English Teacher