The winners of our first annual Entrepreneurial Competition are from second baccalaureate.

We received more than twenty interesting and very creative proposals that were consistent with the theme and purpose of the competition, but the ones that stood out the most and were the winners are:

  • The first-place winner is GUADOO CASE.
    The second baccalaureate students in this group are, Sofía Estupiñán, Martín Jaramillo, Martina Paredes, Nicolay Calderón and Alejandra Donoso.
  • The second place is COVEARTH.
    The third baccalaureate students in this group are, Isabel Eguiguren, Leo Rodríguez, Elena Moreno, Gracia Vélez, Sofía Avilés and Mathías Carrillo.
  • Third place goes to JEANZ UPCYCLING STUDIO.
    The third baccalaureate students in this group are, María Paula Ramírez, Samuel Tapia, Sofía Álvarez, Mateo Zúñiga and Claudia Gallegos.

The first-place winner group will receive an online course learning how to further their Marketing skills. The course focused on Social Media Marketing.  We look forward to seeing the students next September in a formal ceremony recognizing this great achievement.

Congratulations and have a great summer guys!!!

Diego Obando
Business Managment Teacher